Rose, Peter

Characters who have encountered this NPC:

- Zangor
- Czaka
- Gio


Peter is short but strong. He seems fierce and opportunistic, determined to build his empire on the broken glass and rubble left of the rest of his family. He is astute and quick-witted.


Information every character knows about this NPC:

Information specific characters know about this NPC: (Beware of Metagaming!)

- Zangor: Peter was always the quiet one that no-one cared about or paid attention to.
- Czaka: Peter was one of the Roses Czaka was introduced to at her siring.
- Gio: Gio met Peter after the defeat of many of the Roses at the Court of the 15th February, as he was trying “to build an army.”

Character opinions of this NPC:

- Zangor:
- Czaka:
- Gio:

Rose, Peter

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