Rose, Maria

Characters who have encountered this NPC:

- Merris
- Czaka
- Zangor


Maria is the quiet, reserved Rose. She is often overlooked as being too much of a wallflower, but she had a feisty side when required. Maria is 5’4 and has long, wavy brown hair.


Information every character knows about this NPC:
Information specific characters know about this NPC: (Beware of Metagaming!)

- Merris: Merris spoke relatively often with Maria over the phone.
- Czaka: Maria was the Rose that introduced Czaka to Serafiem, Markus and the select inner circle of Roses, as well as the then Prince, Michael. Maria was the Rose that enabled Czaka to get sired.
- Zangor: Zangor saw Maria acting as a sister-in-arms to Daria on various occasions. An ascended ghoul herself, she was sensitive to Zangor’s position and treated him far more kindly than her kinsmen and women.

Character opinions of this NPC:

- Merris:
- Czaka:
- Zangor:

Rose, Maria

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