Michaels, Elizabeth

Characters who have encountered this NPC:

- Gio
- Hassani


Elizabeth was pretty and smart. She was willing to backchat Gio despite knowing doing so could risk her her job, and was willing to help him out of any situation that arose. She was 5’4 (without heels), with long blonde hair.


Information every character knows about this NPC:
Information specific characters know about this NPC: (Beware of Metagaming!)

- Gio: Gio knows Elizabeth was willing to help him out of any tight spot he found himself in, even lending him her house when he required it. However, her aid seemed somewhat sour when he found she had taken all the money out of the business accounts and disappeared. Gio knows she was killed in a gunfight after being taken hostage.

- Hassani: Hassani was there when Elizabeth was murdered in a hostage situation. He does not know for certain, but was told that Kieran Yates was responsible for killing her.

Character opinions of this NPC:

- Gio:

- Hassani:

Michaels, Elizabeth

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