Mairin, Stuart

Characters who have encountered this NPC:

- Gio


Stuart is thin and tall, exuding a sense of poise, charm and glamour. He is the current CEO of Mairin Construction Ltd. and Is only slightly older than Gio (27). He is charming and polite, and whenever Gio gets publicity, somehow, it seems, Mairin does too.


Information every character knows about this NPC:

Everyone is aware that Stuart has gained something of a celebrity status, and has been runner up for the Architect of the Year award for the past three years to Gio. There is rumour on the street that Mairin had something to do with the theft of Gio’s installation at the National Gallery, and that Mairin is coming up with something to top Gio’s creation.

Information specific characters know about this NPC: (Beware of Metagaming!)

- Gio: Stuart is Gio’s main rival. Gio knows, due to his police contacts, that Mairin has been taken in for questioning regarding the stealing of Gio’s assets.

Character opinions of this NPC:

- Gio

Mairin, Stuart

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