Seneschal Merris Lucan

Floundering family-man, sharp of claw, strong of heart.


Rumours – Merris Lucan
Merris Lucan stands at 5’8 and is well built. His dark brown hair is most often swept back, its long enough to cover the tops of his ears and neck. After his bullet wounds, and his ghouling, his once curly hair straightened somewhat, and he appears gaunter in the face.

Though he was a handsome man in his youth, a life of hardship, has left him looking somewhat weather beaten, leaving him slightly more rugged and aged then he would like. This is however offset by the shave and haircut he had before he was embraced.

He has pale green eyes, that tell the truth about his age, and reflect the sorrow and regret he hides within himself.

He moves with an oddly refined poise , never misplacing a step, and is capable of feats of extreme speed, and nimbleness if needed. Despite his hands bearing the slight scarring of his life as a fighter, they hold remarkable dexterousness, and make it clear that they are used for more than just fighting.

Though he has a rotating wardrobe, he can always be seen in practical, and slightly fashionable if not outdated clothes. plain trousers, a buttoned white shirt with rolled up sleeves, and a thick, darkly colored coat, are how he likes to dress.


Raised by his father, Merris never met his birth-mother. Pulled into his father’s trade, he was raised as a smuggler, never having a permanent home or friends. As he came of age, he not only found himself occupying the role his father played as a professional smuggler, but he was soon married and expecting his first and only child, Lucille Lucan.

Late into Anna’s pregnancy, Merris returned from a job, lethally wounded. He had been shot in the leg and was lucky to have made it back to his home. The sight of his pregnant wife tending to his wounds filled him with self-loathing. He had brought imminent danger to his family, and the thought of what he had done and what he assumed was to come, made him feel sick.

So he pushed Anna away. He knew the only way to ensure his family’s safety was to make sure they never wanted to see him again. If they were free of him, they would be free from the danger he cultivated. He isolated himself, and soon Anna vanished from his life, taking the very young Lucille with her.

All Merris had left was his work, and for years that is all he concerned himself with. Across Europe, he was a smuggler, courier, hired gun, and thief. Soon he found himself working primarily for the Rose family, and at their behest he travelled to London, where he acted as a middle man and courier. Working with a master forger, he would bring replicated paintings to the Rose family.

But that soon went wrong. Upon receiving his first set of paintings, Merris made the worst mistake of his career. Trusting someone. Out on the docks, the London underworld had decided to wage war on the Metropolitan police. Lucan gave the known murderer, Misty Milano, sanctuary from the violence, but was soon repaid for his kindness.

The very next day Milano managed to set Merris’ vessel ablaze. Though he was not on board at the time, his stupidity cost him dearly. As a great conflagration consumed his boat, a bang thundered across the morning. Lucan’s stored firearms exploded in the writhing flames, and six of his own bullets tore him apart. His blood slicked the dockland paving, and his last view of the scene was Czaka desperately trying to stop the bleeding, as the paramedics arrived.

He awoke in a hospital, and no sooner had he awoken, he found that he had visitors. His employers. They were not ready to let their asset stop being an asset. And so Merris Lucan was bound in blood to Eleanor Rose. And after a show of power concerning the police, Eleanor soon put him back to work.

After proving his worth over the coming weeks, Merris was set a career defining job. A suicide mission if nothing else: robbing the National Gallery. Though the heist was successful, a heavy price was paid. The giant, Zangor, lost much of one of his hands. Merris himself was left shell-shocked from the murders he had committed to save the heist, and with a bullet lodged in his side, accepted his fate.

Returning home, it became clear that fate was not on his side. As he slumped down, Eleanor made herself known and once more pulled Merris back from the death he wanted.
On the eight of January, Merris Lucan died. After witnessing Zangor tear through the crowd, he left the Court with his Domitor, but found himself introduced to someone, Evangeline Grey. Little did he know that she was his Sire to be.

His praises were sung, then he was handed over like an animal at a market. After the surprise of his embrace Merris seemed to adapt to kindred life well, and a life free from the Rose family made it seem all the sweeter.

But on the 15th of February, Lucan’s unlife was changed forever by the arrival of his now teenage daughter, Lucy. She had found him, and in the recesses of his mind, his paternal instinct was born anew. Lucy spoke of how Anna had become obsessed about vampires, and started hoarding paraphernalia linked to them. A mix of fear, curiosity, and regret pushed Merris to seek his wife out. Lucy showed him were they lived, at the promise that he would not tell Anna that Lucy had been looking for him.

An encounter with Milano resulted in a masquerade breach, and Lucy rushing back to her mother’s home, terrified at what she had just seen. Anna found out about Milano and caught Merris off guard. She was cold, and had a singular hatred forged just for him. It did not take long for her to press for information, and the blindsided Merris told his family what he was.
Lucy was rushed out of the room, and it became evident far too late for Merris that his wife intended to kill him. Merris refused to hurt his wife, he battled her with words trying to calm the situation down, but he was wasting his time. She tired of conversation; told him of the Kindred that that had hunted Lucy from a young age, and then steeled herself ready to fight.

He was ready to die, and unwilling to fight. His death should have been simple, but Anna made two mistakes. Firstly, she lit a flashbang. Lucan’s Beast made itself known, and as his fingernails turned into claws, he could not help attacking the imminent threat. Secondly, she hurt Lucy. To muffle the flash, Lucy threw herself upon the grenade. Anna gave Merris a reason to fight. With Lucy badly injured, Merris’ beast changed from one of blind panic to that of a protective parent. Cradling his daughter in his arms, Merris was able to regain his senses. And at his daughters request, he fled the scene. Disgusted at what he had done to Anna, Merris poured all of his concentration into changing, and remembering Evangeline’s teachings , he shape shifted for the very first time, fleeing the house as a robin.

Pushing his way through the letterbox of Evangeline’s pub, he sprawled out on the floor, injured and distraught. Lucy was not far behind, and upon opening the door for her, Lucy fell into her father’s arms. Her burns were dire, and Merris did what he could, carrying his daughter upstairs and placing her in a cold bath, before locking the bathroom door, and spending the rest of the night guarding the bathroom.

The following night Merris was forced to leave his daughter’s side; she was human and needed food, and he wanted to make her as comfortable as possible. On his return from shopping he was confronted by the sight of a new Kindred, trying to break into the bathroom Lucy was trapped in. The newly embraced Robbie never stood a chance; Merris’ claws made short work of him.

Following the scuffle, Merris was forced to attend his first court as a Kindred, and as a precaution he made Lucy his ghoul, for her safety was paramount. He spent his time there avoiding older Kindred and searching for someone that could help Lucy’s burns. He chanced upon a paramedic called Helena Lowridge, but as a ghoul herself she could not help without the permission of her Domitor, Clive Deveraux, which cost Merris two trivial boons.

However as the court progressed, it became clear the something sinister was afoot. The new Prince, Eleanor Rose, demanded Lucy surrender herself to the Sheriff and Hound. A verbal standoff ensued between Hound Czaka and Merris, as neither would allow themselves to fail in their duties. The Prince’s appearance unnerved Merris to such an extent that he lost ground, and Eleanor forced herself in to Lucy’s mind. The thought of his daughter enduring this forced Merris to stop protesting. Czaka used some form of discipline on Merris, freezing him to the spot; he was unable to do a thing as his daughter was dragged away and thrown to the ground. And for a sense of extra security, Eleanor had the sheriff, “incapacitate” Lucan; she cuffed him to a chair, and then pistol-whipped him.

He awoke, and freed himself using his robin form. He had been humiliated in front of the entire court, but he did not care, all he cared about was getting Lucy back. Helena was close at hand, the only person in the entire room that cared. He scoured the crowd for familiar faces, and soon enough had found his sire, and was introduced to his Priscus, Tommy O’Malley, and he was spoiling for a fight – and after hearing his daughter’s screams, so was Merris.

Back in robin form Merris led his group to save his daughter; Helena formed the vanguard, opening doors to let Merris through. However, as they reached the final door, he told her to step back and let another lead the charge. A Nosferatu broke through the door and went straight for the Prince, and as the others surged through the doors, the Roses were outnumbered and outmatched. Though the Nosferatu was first to Torpor, the Roses soon fell, with Merris defying his blood bond, sending Eleanor into Torpor. Evangeline left, Tommy began to commit diablerie, and Helena healed and comforted the damaged Lucy. At this point Merris took point, he wanted no one else to enter that room.

Three more Roses approached, and after a few sharp words, Merris was thrown across the room by the intimidating Lucetta. She pulled a pistol on Tommy and opened fire. Though she hit him, he soon went into frenzy and tore her apart. An older man wielding two blades of some sort strode in to the room, cutting at Tommy, and then directing another attack at Lucy. Merris frenzied at the sight of his daughter in danger; turning into a wolf he tore into the older man. Though he put up a tough fight, the combined power of Merris’ and Tommy’s wolf forms ripped him to shreds. As the battle ended the survivors parted ways; Helena, Lucy, and Merris all returned to Evangeline’s pub, where they were quick to put Lucy to bed.

After she was asleep, Merris and Helena opened up to each other, and quickly bonded. All three ended the evening in each other’s arms. Neither Helena or Merris had felt that happy in years. And though it became clear that Deveraux would be a problem, each of them felt safe and content.

The following evening the atmosphere had shifted. Although Merris was happy knowing that not only was Lucy safe, but he had Helena by his side, Deveraux was now a major problem. He demanded Helena’s return, but knowing how he had treated Helena, and not wanting to let her go, Merris vowed to free her from her Domitor.

Merris called upon Czaka to join him. She agreed and brought her sibling, Markus, to aid them. Together they set off to confront Deveraux at his estate in Ascot. The confrontation itself was emotionally draining; the combatants were shell-shocked from what they had to witness. Though Clive himself, was quickly bested by the organized and methodical group, his use of children (Helena’s own children) and the damage done to young Alice, almost tore the group apart.

Helena, seeming emotionally wrecked, left the room with the other ghouls, while Merris demanded that Czaka repay her debt to him by taking Clive to final death; her refusal almost causing a fight within the ranks. Czaka left, furious at Merris for what he wanted her to do, leaving only Merris and Lucy in the room. Merris, completely shell-shocked and lost without Helena’s guidance, clung to his daughter, unsure of how the night would proceed.

After a time Czaka came back into the room, but no decision could be made. As the two clashed again, Helena came in and took up arms. Merris did his best to ease the situation, but Helena was set on her goal. Czaka took a place at the top of the stairs. Merris and Helena spoke for a while, before Czaka began to get impatient; she wanted to get it over and done with, but was quelled by a cold Helena. Merris asked Czaka to leave, and at this point Lucy had taken the children outside to play. Helena tried to end Deveraux, but it was futile until Merris took her knife hand in his own hand, and helped her finish what had been started years before. They killed Deveraux together, and half an hour later, Merris emerged from the house, carrying an emotionally destroyed Helena in his arms.

Though Merris was spoken to he was vacant; single minded in the protection of Helena, and seemed to ignore everyone around him. Upon putting Helena in the car, his mind turned to the blood left behind in the house. Asking Czaka to open the door, he bounded into wolf form, and licked the blood from the floor, to the utter confusion of Czaka, who required Helena to inform her what Merris was doing, and when he wanted to leave.

Upon leaving the house, Merris went straight back to Helena, but was cut off by the children and Lucy, who insisted on playing with the “stray” for an extended amount of time. Though Helena and Merris would have taken on the children, it was impossible; thankfully Czaka had found them a home, with James Avery.

Merris still in “wolf” form stayed with the children in the back of the pickup until they were far enough from the estate to call for a taxi. At this point the group split in two; the able children stayed with Czaka and Markus, whilst Merris, Lucy, Helena, and Alice took the taxi to James’s estate.

Avery accepted the children with open arms, and though he was surprised to see a wolf, he welcomed everyone into his home. Helena stayed with Alice in the pickup the whole time. Merris trotted back, and comforted Helena, and Czaka came back to them with news. Avery had a room that was fit to operate on Alice in. Helena mentioned that they would need someone to carry Alice, and Merris seemed to pick up on the hint. He reverted back to his actual form, much to the “surprise” of Helena.

The operation went as well as it could have, and with some reluctance everybody began to leave. Merris was the last to thank Avery for what he had done, and found him to be one of the most genuine Kindred he had met.

Both parties then returned to their respected homes, with Merris and Lucy stopping at Evangeline’s to collect their belongings and explain to Evangeline that they would be moving out. Childe and Sire had a heartfelt (if not sarcastic) goodbye before Merris handed over his keys and gained new cuts on his arms from her falcon form’s claws.

They left for Helena’s home in Wimbledon. When they arrived, Helena made the house safe for Merris, whilst Lucy dived into a double bed and a bag of minstrels. Unable to break out of routine, Merris stayed with Lucy until she fell asleep, before Helena offered him a choice of beds. The evening came to a close with Helena finally reassuring Merris that it was fine for him to share her bed. They fell asleep together, but Helena was wracked with emotions and could not hold back her tears.

Seneschal Merris Lucan

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