Rumours about PCs

This page is a store of all the rumours flying around Kindred and Kine society about your characters. Rumours represent the “word on the street” gathered from a variety of sources, and give a snapshot view of the lie of the land in the game at any given time. The ST will be updating this as she sees fit, but I hope you will all chip in too. However, there are RULES:

1 – Feel free to add rumours, but don’t remove things from the rumours section of any character’s page. If you’ve got an issue with a rumour that’s been posted on your character’s page, contact the ST and she will edit or remove it if she deems it inappropriate.

2 -Don’t use the rumours section as a way of refuting rumours posted about your character, or to post malicious or out-of-character rumours about other people’s characters. It’s there to provide some fun and gossip to the game, not to be a dialogue between you and anyone who posts rumours. Negative rumours are fine, but they should be in-character in tone, and motivated by in-character actions. Again, if you have an issue, please contact the ST and she’ll check it out.

Rumours – Merris Lucan
Rumours – Gio Plth
Rumours – Misty Milano
Rumours – Czaka Snedgo
Rumours – Hassani Azim
Rumours – Evangeline Gray
Rumours – Zangor

Rumours about PCs

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