Rules and Laws of the Fief of London

The Rules and Laws of the Fief of London

The Fief of London prides itself on upholding the Traditions and being a role-model for the rest of the United Kingdom. London is not only the Kine’s centre of commerce, culture and politics, but also the Kindred’s.

I, as Prince of this Fief, expect all Kindred of London to uphold the Traditions of Masquerade, Progeny and Amaranth, as all Fiefs of the world expect also.

I, as Prince of this Fief, also decree the following laws:

<u>i – Traditionbreakers
Tradition breakers will be treated with extreme prejudice. Those who break the traditions risk the safety of all kindred in the fief, and even further afield. One failure to hide kindred existence from kine eyes could ripple outwards and cause chaos and destruction to all kindred around the world, in this era of mobile communication and internet availability.

Masquerade breachers will be brought before the Sheriff, Hound and the Prince where the crimes they are accused of will be brought to light and examined. The fief will be made aware of the breach and the punishment for such breaches. Execution of these punishments will be undertaken as swiftly as possible.

Those who breach the tradition of Progeny will be brought before the Court and put to death before the Court – new kindred naturally raise the risk of detection and put extra strain on resources and feeding. Any fledgling left after the execution of their sire will be placed in the care of another member of the fief, who are permitted to execute their adoptive childe (without breaching the tradition of Amaranth) if they breach tradition or law.

Diablerists will be executed without delay. Diablerists are a stain on Kindred society that needs to be removed. Breaches of this tradition are only ever permitted by the command of the Prince and never for more than a month. Any diablerist who enters the Fief of London from other fiefs will be eradicated as if they were a member of this Fief as they have accepted our laws by entering our borders.

Rules and Laws of the Fief of London

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