Can all quotes be put in in this way, please:

Character(s) or Player(s) InvolvedGame Date (if known) // Brief Description of Scenario
Character/Player: “Quote”
(if more than one character) Character/Player: “Quote”
(and on until complete).

Thank you!

Josée6th April 2014 [Text-Game] // About Daria’s reaction to Zangor

Merris and Zangor25th April 2014 // While stressing about punishing others
Czaka: “Merris, I’ll be blunt…”
Merris: “You usually are…”

Czaka25th April 2014 // While trying to decide how to approach the Prince
Czaka (To Merris): “Just go into Robin form, you childish bastard!”

Evangeline2nd May 2014 // To Merris
Evangeline (To Merris): “Good evening. You have been busy…”

Evangeline, Merris and Lucy2nd May 2014 // About the Seneschal role
Merris : “I would be the Prince’s Second-in-Command.”
Lucy: “So that would make you the Prince’s bitch, right?”
Evangeline: “Yes, Lucy, it would.”


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