Kelly Shaw

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5’ 9", commanding, fairly muscly stature. Knowing grin often with teeth showing. Lop-sided, roughly maintained brunette-fair hair, relatively tanned skin. Back of her hands are smooth, well-maintained, but her palms are noticeably scratched and weathered. There are permanent but old scars and scratches from her childhood along a few of her fingers, elbows and shins from scrambling over rocks and catching herself on metal. Wears a high-tech blue weather jacket, hefty walking boots and breathable black walking trousers.


Kelly Shaw is the sister of the recently deceased Anna Shaw and therefore sister-in-law of Merris Lucan.

Kelly hated her family’s attitudes, especially how they despised the local animals once they arrived in London. She spent many of her nights out in the parks and alleyways of London trying to befriend foxes, pigeons, badgers and anything commonly rejected by the public. Her parents started worrying about her when she occasionally woke up sick (from exposure to rifled bins) but were considerably more concerned with Anna’s tempers. Her interest in animals and the desire to compare their behaviour with humans took her beyond a degree at Queen Mary’s University in History to a PhD studying the ‘Changing relationships between Animals and Human Beings through time’, which achieved acclaim in the appropriate circles.

As a consequence of extensive research into the folklore surrounding animals Kelly discovered darker shades of human interaction… or potentially things less human. Human’s history with animals in folklore has occasionally mentioned animals with superstitious qualities, some who spiritualise the inner demons of people and the whispering of ‘vampires’ in the myths of creatures gone wrong. For most people this would seem like hocus pocus, but Kelly’s skeptical, quizzical mind knows there’s more to be had behind this. By this time her sister is married with a child; Anna’s husband is travelling and in his absence she was noticeably tense. Lucy mentioned some nonsense obsession of Vampires. Rumour of an anti-Vampire Union raised Kelly’s eyebrows beyond measure, but she decided to reassure Lucy by “searching” for these so-called Vampires for the sake of showing there was nothing to be worried about. For once Kelly was wrong. In a pub after a night of exahustive searching Kelly became enamored with the wonderful Ivan Warwick, who was charming, inspiring, and ironically the Kindred who eventually sired her. As a result Kelly rapidly became a recluse to study further with her study shadow Alex(andra). Alex has been aided by Kelly through her own History degree and owes her First to Kelly’s expertise, so Alex readily agrees to be ghouled by her to keep herself safe and to feed Kelly. They then travelled the country via night to research further into how to strengthen the bonds between animals, Kindred and their beasts. Kelly then returns to London to find her sister dead and niece missing…

Kelly Shaw

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