London by Night

Michaela's Note

The letter Michaela wrote "in case of her death"


If you’re reading this, then something has gone horribly wrong. Or maybe it’s gone right…I don’t know anymore.

Don’t trust Emma. Whatever you do, do not trust her, or any of those she calls “family”. She’s a viper and she’ll go for your throat and inject her poison if you’re not careful.

If I’m dead, then you’re on their list. These…people…don’t let people like us just walk in and walk out. I made that mistake many years ago. There are some I think you can trust more than others, but…it’s risky. Trust, to these people, is something that can be bargained for.

They keep mentioning the people we were sent to kill. They want the girl. I don’t know why but I do know that if Emma gets her hands on her, her fate will be worse than death. I know you’re probably wondering why I still went through with the plan…but I can’t tell you. Just know I didn’t do it out of madness or bloodthirst…I had to. And I mean that. I had to.

If you survive this; if you get out alive…don’t work for Emma. Go to those we attacked. Apologise on my behalf for what I may have done. If I had had a choice, believe me, this is not the path I would have walked. Make yourself some allies. You’ll need them.

And, if these are to be my last words…then so be it.

I’m sorry, Hassani. I’m sorry for letting you down and dragging you into this.




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