London by Night

DISCUSSION POST: The Final Game of the Year

An idea I need some help with!

Hi everyone,

As I am sure everyone is very, very aware, the end of the academic year is approaching fast! With this, so is the end of the first year of London By Night. I am intending to run it on for next year, provided there is still interest, but I would like to do something a bit fun and mad on the last game of the year, which I imagine will be either early May before exams and deadlines really hot up, or late May after exams and deadlines are complete.

ON THIS FINAL NIGHT, I would like to run a short game, just to tie up some of the loose ends of the year and build to a good cliffhanger to start next “season”, in some regards, off with.

AFTER THE GAME, I would like to run something of a silly “awards” evening. And this is where I will need your help. I would like to have three or four awards each for characters and players. They don’t need to be serious (though a couple of serious ones won’t go amiss) but they do need to be good-humoured and in good taste. These will be for Jack/Zangor, Jak/Czaka, James/Gio, Ryan/Merris, Hamza/Hassani and Joy/Misty, as while Misty is no longer an active PC, she did produce a LOT of plot for us, very early on, and I think that should be noted by having a place in these “awards”. :)

A few of the current awards are:
- The “Bad Babysitter” Award
- The “Oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen…” Award
- The “Kindred Couple of the Year” Award (voting WILL occur for this award)
- The “Couple Who Need a Fanfic” Award (voting WILL occur for this award)
- The “Black Widow” Award
- The “Sire of the Year” Award (voting WILL occur for this award)
- The “Flip-Flopper” Award

But I would like you guys to come up with some as well.

To send in an award idea email with the subject “LbN Award Ideas” and make sure to include:
- Award Name:
- Award Reason:
- To be Awarded to: (Player or Character)

Not all awards will be given (I don’t think everyone wants a massive list each) but some ideas will no doubt be carried over until the end of 2015.

I hope you guys don’t think this is a stupid idea (I think it’s kind of nutty, but fun and nice, in a weird roundabout way) and will get behind it with me.




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