London by Night

An Open Letter to the Kindred of London

After the Firebombings...

[Priscii and Primogen will be invited to collect one of these from a ghoul in central London, and asked to spread the news across their respective groups.]

My friends,

Tonight, we have seen the most aggressive, senseless attacks on the Kindred of London in the history of this Fief. I am sad to say there have been great losses across all the clans this evening.

The Nosferatu clan have suffered the greatest, with fourteen members of the clan currently missing, presumed dead after a horrific attack on the Necropolis. One of those missing is High Priestess Deathblight, Primogen of the Circle of the Crone. The Circle of the Crone are few in number in our Fief as it is, and this leaves only one in London at the current time, Ms. Liana Tiernée.

The Mekhet have suffered the loss of four of their members, two of whom being leaders of their respective covenants. The Lancea Sanctum have lost Bishop David Adams, who was preaching in the crypts of Westminster Abbey, and the Ordo Dracul have lost Talarian, Illuminus of the Bloody Void, who was researching in the Chapter House when it was set ablaze. This leaves Herald Yusuf Tremusti as the Bishop of the Lancea Sanctum, and with the loss of “Jarhead”, a Gangrel member of the Ordo Dracul, three members survive, according to the most recent reports.

The Ventrue have lost two of their number, according to current reports. Ms. Malika Safid met final death while making sure I was safe. Her sacrifice will be remembered. Madam Mallory White is also reported to be missing.

There are limited reports of the losses to the Daeva, but Ms. Eve Rose is known to have met final death, and there are rumours that others may also have succumbed from outside the Rose Family.

Naturally, these events are shocking – and I urge anyone who has information on the identity of the perpetrator(s) to contact myself or Seneschal Lucan as a matter of utmost importance. The perpetrator(s) must be stopped and face justice. These attacks were obviously planned and organised, and carried out on members of the Kindred community. Given the way that these attacks were carried out, it is unlikely that a kine with no link to kindred was involved, and unless evidence is given to me to say otherwise, I am not treating this as a Hunter attack.

Please, stay safe and alert. Keep your locations hidden and remember: the walls may have ears.

Good luck to you all.

Prince Emily.



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