London by Night

A Sudden Turn of Events

Man, Michaela saved my life. After everything I did, however wrong, she still was willing to help me out. I owe her my life. And being raised the way I was, you always, ALWAYS, repay the debts. It was just the way we were taught. The streets taught us to take care of our own. We lived (and by ‘we’ I mean my family and other immigrant families) in an area surrounded by racists.

“Go back to your own country,” they would say, FAILING TO REALISE THAT WE WERE BORN HERE!!! I love this country, so much so, that I’m willing to point out its flaws. Anyhoo, I digress.

How did I get into this mess? That God-damn, Geo! I should never have taken his money. And hell, I should’ve told the truth when my CO asked me about it. But hey I should’ve done a lot of things. Not least being, making sure I had Michaela’s back so she didn’t go to that damn holding cell. She’s my homie since we used to work together in the police force and we still do, even though we no longer work for the police. We gots to stick together. We HAVE to! The streets raised me that way. It’s how we made sure the racists would know when to back the fuck off.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Michaela, got me out of that hell hole, into a new house, and a nice car. She didn’t have to do it, but she did. She saved me and I have no idea why. I deserved to rot in jail after what I did. But she gave me a second chance. As a reward, I will always have her back. Hell, I feel sorry for the son-of-a-guns that try to harm her. Lay one finger man, and I’ll send ‘em to hell in a hand basket. Is there another reason why I’m willing to protect her, other than the obvious debt? Well, yes.

“Got to. This is America,” as the witness says in the opening minutes of Episode One in Season One of The Wire. As this is Britain, you could say this has no relevance but you’d be wrong; the principle still stands. Out here in the mean streets of this grimy city, it helps to know that someone has your back. You form a clique with those that are around you and they will, right from the outset, always have your back. Michaela was my work colleague, that’s a straight clique right there. I should never have let her go to the holding cell. I know I’ve already said it, but I feel so damn guilty, that I can’t help myself thinking about it. I broke the codes that were literally life and death when I was growing up. So yeah I will always have her back, and never will I betray my values ever again.

Aside from that the people who broke us out though. They want me and Michaela to become contract killers. She accepted the job pretty fast, when I told her. I don’t kill women, I ain’t never going to do that. Not for business; being a sniper was different. That was in line of official work. But she said she is willing. Really? I mean I don’t mind killing, I’I’ve done it before, but women and children? That’s an infamita. (lit. infamy). Even in the book The Family Corleone, The Godfather disapproved that. Also, she is no longer a police officer. She can’t receive forgiveness. The police aren’t there to hush things up. This is the streets, where people will avenge their dead. Like I said I will always have her back, but honestly, I don’t think she’s ready for this line of work. She hasn’t taken the repercussions of her actions seriously, I don’t think.

Why is she willing to kill children? I think she may be trying to impress me. Hmm. Whilst, I am, admittedly, a little impressed, I’m more concerned about her welfare. I don’t want her hurt because she’s trying to win my affection. She did that when she broke me out, even though she should’ve left me there.

Also, why do the people who broke us out, want a child dead? A CHILD?! It’s becoming like Vito Corleone’s background where the Don of the village of Corleone wants Vito dead for fear of the return of vengeance for his father, but again, when Vito ruled New York, with Clemenza and Tessio, he didn’t want kids to die. These people are shady. I’ll have to watch my back, as well as Michaela’s. I was bought up by one maxim, and one maxim only: trust no-one. I don’t necessarily agree with that in its entirety. I’ve changed that maxim to; trust no one, but those around you. They HAVE to have your back. Why? Because karma’s a bitch.



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